The Worst Thing You Are Doing With Your Kid And Not Even Remember It



New York – May be you don’t admit but you’ll be hitting your children many time and forget them, a new research claims.

An U.S. study shows smacking children is surprisingly common and most parents do it more than they say.

But the research also showed that hitting children does not resolve any problems – as most start misbehaving again within 10 minutes.

Researchers at Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, placed voice recorders in the homes of 33 different families, Heath Day reports.

During the course of six days, the researchers say there were 41 occasions on which a child was smacked.

These occurred in 15 different families.

However, after about 75 per cent of the incidents, the child was misbehaving again within 10 minutes.

Lead researcher Dr George Holden said the results also showed that parents who shout a lot are more likely to hit their children.


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