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New York – Want the most number of clicks on your social media images? Then upload more and more revolvers, red objects and coffee cups for achieving your goal.

That interesting concept comes in a new study.

The study, which was presented at April’s World Wide Web conference, analyzed the color, texture, content and context of more than 2 million Flickr photos, then looked at the number of views, to figure out what factors determine a picture’s chances of internet fame.

Most helpfully, the research contains lists of objects that positively or negatively affect a photo’s appeal. Objects with a “high positive impact” included revolvers, miniskirts, bikinis,  perfume and cups. Meanwhile, spatulas, plungers, laptops and golf carts were turnoffs.

The objects with a “medium positive impact” were more surprising: apparently, llamas, cheetahs, ladybirds and basketballs will get you clicks, as will images in “reddish” colors. Horse carts, guacamole, wild boar and solar dishes have a slight positive impact, but won’t win as many views as guns or lingerie.

The researchers believe their findings could be used to develop a photography popularity tool that would analyze color, object and texture information to provide photographers with “suggestions on how to modify their pictures for broad appeal”.


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