After Saudi Restrictions To Pakistanis, fight will be won?



Washington – As you know 58 new polio cases surfaced in the first four month of this year In Pakistan, and international community now consider to impose some travelling restrictions, so now government try to some innovative polices to fight polio threat, U.S. magazine Foreign Policy reported.

In an exclusive report about polio in Pakistan, Foreign Policy said ‘Ever since the CIA used a vaccination ruse in its hunt for Osama bin Laden, health workers have been combatants in Pakistan’s war with the Taliban’.

After that incident health workers and policemen were killed and wounded in door-to-door campaigns, so Pakistan try to new effort to curb polio cases, such as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, home to the world’s biggest polio reservoir, its capital city of Peshawar, authorities are trying a new tactic.

Government organized a series of secure camps every Sunday where children would be immunized. Thousands of police officers have been deployed and entire neighborhoods cordoned off.

Cell phones are banned. Since they started in mid-February, after a month-long delay because of security problems, over 500,000 children have been immunized in this manner.

Innovative efforts like Imran Khan’s “Health for All” campaign, which include vaccines for nine childhood diseases administered across the province, are needed if Pakistan is to succeed in eradicating polio.

The state of Sindh, where Karachi is located, started similar one-day vaccination drives and has inoculated hundreds of children in three rounds thus far.

Elite counterterrorism forces staffing impromptu neighborhood checkpoints, while health workers conduct vaccination drives.

Pakistan is one of only three countries in the world, along with Nigeria and Afghanistan, where polio has never been eradicated. While the number of new cases in the other two outliers dropped in 2013, in Pakistan it increased by 60 percent — to 93.

And after decades of work, India finally declared itself polio free this year — only to turn around and slap travel restrictions on Pakistanis, requiring proof of polio vaccination. Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Georgia have instituted similar measures.

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