Facebook Postmortem Will Make You Rethink About Love



New York – If you think world’s love day Valentine boost your love, then think again, because an new study tells a very different and strange story.

An interesting infograph emerges showing that there are popular times of year to ditch a partner and, surprisingly, just after Valentine’s Day is one of them.

A significant number of people also call time on their relationship just before Christmas – perhaps to avoid buying their significant other a lavish present.

That infograph created by London-based data journalist David McCandless and Lee Byron for a book called The Visual Miscellaneum and is based upon the analysis of Facebook updates.

It shows that the most popular time to break up is shortly after Valentine’s Day, when people appear to be spring cleaning their lives as well as their homes.

A smaller peak occurs on April Fools day and curiously more people seem to break up on Mondays in April and early May than on other days.

The infographic shows that people are more likely to break up earlier rather than later in the summer and that more couples go their separate ways as the nights draw in and winter approaches.

While the Christmas period is thought to be ‘too cruel’ to dump a partner, two weeks before the big event is the most popular time of all.

A recent study found that young people increasingly choose to dump their partners electronically.

In total, one in six Americans have dumped someone – or had someone dump them – by text message, email, or through social networks.



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