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London – Believe it or not, but sickness can blow men’s mind making them see plain women more attractive and beautiful women look ugly.

This interesting claim comes in an research, which was conduct in Finland.

Researchers at University of Turku claim that when men feel sick, they may look for a strong wife who is a good provider, rather than prettier one who is more fragile.

According to the study, that women with more masculine faces may be better bets when times are tough.

The scientists, from Finland, asked almost 1,800 men from 28 nations with diverse health conditions to rate the attractiveness of pairs of pictures.

The photos had been digitally altered to make the women’s faces more or less feminine.

All countries were drawn to the prettier feminine faces – but those in the best health liked them the most.

The Japanese males most liked the feminine faces while the Nepalese men liked them the least, the Royal Society journal Biology Letters reports.

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