Ready to Swap Your Body With Your Favorite Star?



London – Like to leave your body for another person’s body? If so, then this science fiction thought has now become a reality, at least virtually.

Believe it or not, living the life of your favorite star or even your pet dog is now a possibility, as a group of artists have now developed a project to experiment body swapping.

This group of artists hope that the project would help people shed many inhibitions and do away with bias against people of different ethnicity or race, said a BBC report.

For swapping bodies, the user and the performer don virtual reality headset with a camera placed on the the top of it.

“We use camera mapping of the user’s space, and digital compasses to track the user‘s head and body direction,” described the webpage of the project.

“As for the performer, we use a subjective camera controlled by servomotors, which is synchronized with the head position,” it added.

So if you move your arm, your partner sees it and vice verse.


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