Become Almost An Expert on 3G and 4G With These 10 Questions and Answers

3G and 4G FAQS in PakistanISLAMABAD – With the 3G and 4G auctioning in the country, everyone seems to be crazy about to know when it will be rolled out.But, what most people are ignoring is, what 3G is and what it means to be rolled out in the country. Here are some top questions and their answers to clear concepts of 3G, its rolling out, its pricing and some things.

Q: What is 3G?

3G is state of the art mobile technology which gives you an enhanced internet experience on your mobile device. The most significant benefit is high speed access to video content along with generally faster mobile internet access. Some of services and applications which could be benefited from 3G are:

  • Full song downloads – a 3MB song which used to take 1min, will now take about 6sec
  • Mobile TV – you can watch TV on your mobile with a choice of channels of all genres – news, entertainment, sports and so on.
  • Multi-player Gaming – now you can play games and compete with other people through multi-player gaming
  • Video clips that you can download or stream smoothly while on the move

Q: What can I do with 3G?

3G services enable customers to use very fast internet on their phones. The same video that took about one minute to download previously, with 3G it will take less than 6 seconds. You will be able to watch videos, listen to music and stream live TV on your internet once the 3G services are launched and you subscribe to them.

Q: Can I start using 3G on my phone now?
No. The government will decide when we can go live with the 3G services. You should visit Pakistan Tribe (PT) for further updates

Q. What is the difference between 3G and 4G?
These are different technologies. However, very few phones (less than 1%) are 4G compatible and hence most customers will not be able to use 4G. Also, 4G handsets are very expensive (usually more than Rs. 75,000).

3G customers will see “3”, “3G”, “H”, or “H+” next to the network bars on their phones.
4G customers should see “LTE” next to the network bars on their phones. If any 4G customer does not see “LTE” on their phone, then their operator is actually providing 2G or 3G service, and not 4G.

Q: Which is better: 3G or 4G? 

Due to its stronger frequency, 4G is better, however, all depends on device quality, coverage area and users using it at a time

Q: How can I check if my handset is compatible with 3G?

Go into your phone’s network settings and see if it has options to enable any of the below listed features – if it does then your phone is 3G supported:


Q: Do I need to buy a new SIM card in order to use 3G?
No, you do not need a separate number or a new SIM to activate 3G. Your current SIM is 3G compatible and you can activate a 3G bundle on your existing mobile number and SIM card

Q: I have seen that the auction for 3G in Pakistan had different categories namely “10 Mhz” and “5 Mhz” what exactly do they mean?

These are frequencies through which user capacity is allocated on the cellular network. Mobilink, being the largest network cellular operator in Pakistan, has secured twice the band (10 MHz), given its large network while other telecoms have got 5Mhz 3G. Zong, however, got the 4G network too.

Q: I’ve heard that 3G consumes need a lot of battery. Is that true?

Yes, 3G enables high speed internet and other features and thus increases the consumption of your phone’s battery

Q: What cities will be covered by 3G launch?
Once the service is officially launched, you can find out the exact coverage area Pakistan Tribe (PT) as soon as they will be revealed

Q: What will be the 3G speed?

The actual speed is determined by multiple factors, including the handset model, coverage, network traffic and number of users currently using the 3G network at a certain point at a particular point of time.

Courtesy of Content – Mobilink


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