Hopefully Your Baby Name Is Not ‘World’s Strangest Ever’ Just Revealed



London – Now a days people like strange names for their babies, but anyone like the name Zzyxz?

May be not, this name has been voted the most bizarre of all: Zzyzx.

A survey of 1,500 people by eBabyNames.com found that 20 percent believe Zzyzx , is the oddest baby name ever.

And despite what it may seem, Zzyzx is not just a fiction name, according to Social Security Administration records, five babies have been given the name in the last 15 years alone.

The name was apparently first given to a town and road in San Bernardino County, California, because of its status as ‘the last word in the English language.’

As such, the town of Zzyzx was referred to as ‘the last place on Earth’.


1. Zzyzx

2. Nimrod

3. Moo

4. Lucifer

5. Zamzam

6. Dzyre

7. Jealousy

8. Bush

9. Kyller

10. Mc


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