Skype Delightful Automatic Call Response Feature Will Amaze You

Skype Automatic Call Response FeatureREDMOND – If you are in a mood to catch up a thief who always steals your flower pots, or take kitchen stuff, or even keep an eye on children to protect them, Skype has a highly effective feature, known little by most of users.The feature its Skype’s ability to automatically answer Skype calls and turn on video to show a place you have placed a laptop or webcam. 

Enabling Automatic Answering

For Windows Desktop, you to follow these steps to turn on the feature:

  • Open Skype.
  • On the menu bar, select Tools > Options.
  • Select Calls, then click Show advanced options.
  • Tick Answer incoming calls automatically and Start my video automatically when I am in a call.

Enabling Automatic Skype Feature on Mac

  • Open Skype.
  • Click on the Skype menu and select Preferences…
  • Select Calls, then set Incoming Calls to Answer automatically.
  • Click Configure and select Answer automatically with video.
  • Some ways you might use automatic answering

The feature could also be restricted to only for those people who are in your contact list to prevent any untoward situation.

There are so many ways to use this feature, but Skype team has suggested a few for fun:

“The automatic answering feature could be used for any situation in which you need to view a fixed location remotely. Making sure the pets don’t destroy the sofa is one example, but what about checking in on the kids’ room? Or trying to catch the culprit who’s been digging up your flower bed? Just don’t leave your laptop in the garden – use a webcam and a USB extension cable.”


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