Hamid Mir reveals more about Pakistan’s top spy agency

Hamid Mir reveals more about Pakistani spy agency | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – Wounded Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir reveals that he had received threatening messages by Major Wajahatullah during his talk show, Geo News and BBC reported on Saturday.

According to the latest statement, Hamid Mir has rejected Chaudhry Nisar’s statement that he didn’t receive any threat since the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government came to power.

The injured journalist also said that he had received a threatening SMS by one Major Wajahatullah during Capital Talk show in August 2013.

He said that the man had warned him of serious consequences in that SMS, which he read out to his viewers during his show.

Mir said that he had also informed the viewers about the number from which he had received the SMS.

He said that the Major was present in Islamabad’s Blue Area and he had also informed the ISPR about the threats which he had been receiving in the past over his programs on Balochistan issue.

The situation between Geo and country’s top spy agency, ISI is still tensed as the channel facing ban threat on the complain of the agency.

Senior journalist Hamid Mir, who is currently being treated after escaping an attack on his life in Karachi last week, blamed ‘ISI within ISI’ for orchestrating the attack in a separate interview with BBC Urdu on Saturday.

Speaking during his first interaction with the media after the attack, Geo TV’s senior anchorperson said that he has been threatened again to leave the country by same elements who he alleged were behind the attack.

He said he has been told to leave Karachi and Pakistan as “it will be a long fight.”

“People visit me in guise of friends but leave after conveying threatening messages of the foes,” said the senior journalist answering a question about source of the recent threats.

“They say you better leave Pakistan…it’s not safe for you anymore. Only yesterday a highly responsible person came to visit me and told me that I will be attacked again.”

Mir said the people who were threatening had always been a part of the country’s strong military establishment and they were conveying messages of differing nature to him.

He said those who keep an eye on journalists’ movement and tape their telephone calls were behind the attack.

“Only these people may know what flight Hamid Mir will take to reach Karachi. Which car will pick him up at the airport and at what time he will come out from the airport. They knew where to attack the car and chose a corner where CCTV camera wasn’t functioning,” he added.


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