Use This Wrestlers’ Technique To Stay Your Kid Away from Evil Things



Tokyo – Not every parents can see their children cry, but in Japan, mothers love to see that their little angles crying loudly.

In Tokyo, Japan, during the festival of Nakizumo, which literally translates as ‘crying baby sumo’, sumo wrestlers take a child each, enter into the ring, then begin pulling faces and making noises in order to get the babies cry.

The first child who cries is declared the winner, and if both start crying at the same time, then the champion is the one who cries the loudest. If the babies don’t shed tears, laugh or – as sometimes happens – fall asleep, then the referee dons a devil mask to finish the job.

The 400-year-old tradition is based on the proverb ‘crying babies grow fastest’, and it is believed that making the infants weep will bring good health. It is also thought that the sound of their screams will ward off evil spirits.


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