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London – So you are tired to take lunch box to office and bringing it back to home? Then why you don’t try that edible box.

Yes a Greek architect and designer has invented a delicious edible take out box.

Milan-based Kostantia Manthou debuted her Kira and the Edible Tower of Containers, which consist of baked dishes made out of bread, at this month’s Milan Design Week, showing how the containers themselves can become a part of the meal.

According to her website, after having that box we cut out the need for dishes and the bread can be divided into triangles to be used for scooping.

The Edible Tower comes in a kit that includes a recipe, a casserole dish and a dough comb for perforating the surface of the bread.

The comb is used to perforate the surface of the bread, thereby making it easy to rip into individual pieces, and the tablecloth serves the additional purpose of transporting the food in its containers to a picnic or other destination.

The unique design is such that the containers can also be stacked easily one on top of the other.

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