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New York – Google’s dream to rule in a social media world shatters after the departure of social media boss and now internet giant thinks to dig its social site Google+.

These rumors come after that report that Google+ executive and in charge of the project, Vic Gundotra, is leaving the company.

An tech site TechCrunh claims that Google anonymous sources tells Google+ will become more of a platform than a full Facebook competitor.

The company has allegedly been shifting the teams that used to be at “the core” of Google+ and is moving more talent toward the Android team.

Google may also stop mandating that all new products contain social integration–a move that hasn’t helped Google+’s reputation in the past.

Google has half-denied the story, saying the news of Gundotra’s departure doesn’t change the company’s plans.

Gundotra reportedly clashed with others inside the company, particularly around this idea of “forced” Google+ integration into products like YouTube and Gmail.

The changes aren’t particularly surprising, given Google+ as a standalone social media site didn’t reach the level of popularity as rivals such as Facebook. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google+ had about seven million daily active users two years ago.


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