Anti-Encroachment campaign: Government demolished a legal market by mistake?

Anti-Encroachment campaign: Government demolished a legal market by mistake? | PakistanTribeKARACHI – Quite often Government demolishes illegal constructions but last night Karachi administration has demolished a market that was constructed legally by the government itself, reported.

According to the PT’s correspondent from Pakistan’s largest city Karachi, the teams from KMC arrived last night at a small legal market  in Gulshan Iqbal block-4 along with bulldozers and got demolished dozens of shops.

According to the witnesses,the officials came after shop keepers had closed the shops, then they broke the shutters and looted all the goods and later demolished each and every shop to to hide the proofs of their crime.

When people woke up in Fajr, they found shops looted and devastated.

Karachi’s local administration has demolished the legal shops in Gulshan e Iqbal block-4 area of the metropolis on Friday | PakistanTribe.comSome of the shop owners who had received the news of the carnage from people who live nearby tried to contact police and media but there was no avail.

In the morning shop keepers were sitting on the pavements with documents of shops in their hands ,waiting  for media but there was no sight of any vans from News channels.

What was the reason behind this plunder and attack? What does the government want form these poor legal shop owners? Every one is asking these questions but there is speechlessness in the air because after all this is Karachi.


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