Teen girl stabbed to death after rejecting prom invitation

Teen girl stabbed to death after rejecting prom invitation | PakistanTribeA love-crazed teenaged boy slashed a 16-year-old girl to death inside their Connecticut high school early Friday — after he asked her to go to the junior prom, and she said no, reported New York Post.

According tot he details, Victim Maren Sanchez had planned to go to the prom Friday night with another boy — her alleged attacker’s friend. “Yay, so excited!!!!!” she’d posted expectantly under a recent Facebook photo, looking beautiful in her teal-blue gown.

“He asked her to the prom right there — and she rejected him,” Sanchez’s best friend, fellow junior Imani Langston, told The Post.

“There was blood on her neck — it was awful,” junior Sam Garcia, 16, remembered of the grisly scene.

The talented and popular victim was stabbed multiple times, including the face and chest, as she struggled with the spurned boy near a stairwell inside Jonathan Law High School in the Long Island Sound city of Milford, officials said.

Sanchez, who wanted to go into music and acting and was on multiple sports teams, fought bravely, even biting the boy as he strangled and cut her, sources said.

But the berserk boy — identified by multiple classmates and their parents as “class clown” Chris Plaskon — overcame her and threw her down a flight of stairs.

Plaskon immediately allowed himself to be handcuffed by a school security guard, and has been charged with murder. He is being held over the weekend at an adolescent psych ward — on suicide watch, sources said.

The boy and girl had been platonic pals, their classmates said. Secretly, he loved her. But she favored another boy — their mutual friend for years, school hockey star Jarrod Butts, pals said.

“Chris has had a crush on Maren for as long as I could remember,” said junior Mick Murray, a pal of both Plaskon and Butts. “All three of them grew up together.”

Plaskon became enraged when the vivacious brunette began dating Butts several weeks ago, multiple friends said.

It was Butts that Sanchez had agreed to go to the prom with, and Plaskon knew that when he carried a kitchen knife to school and confronted her, pals said.

“I miss you,” Butts mournfully Tweeted.

“I don’t think it hit him yet,” said Murray.

Neighbors and friends of the alleged stabber described him as well-liked and from a religious family. He is the middle child of five siblings; mom is a nursing administrator and dad has a landscape business, neighbors said.

“He’s just a normal child — just the other day he was outside playing baseball,” said one stunned neighbor.

Sanchez had posted her prom gown selfie in early March, on a school Facebook page that she and her classmates set up to compare photos of their prom dresses.

“The last day I saw her, she was showing me her prom dress. She was so excited,” remembered one girlfriend, Megan Gossett.

The prom, to be held in a Stratford banquet hall, has been postponed, officials said.

Many girls still picked up their corsages at local florists, taking them to the school gym and crafting an impromptu memorial.

Other students painted a boulder near the school in purple, inscribing it “Maren” in big white letters, above her birth date.

About a half dozen students attended an impromptu vigil for Sanchez in their prom attire.

“She would have made a beautiful prom queen,” one pal Tweeted.


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