Najam Sethi reveals something strange about Pak Army and Geo TV relations

Najam Sethi reveals something strange about Pak Army and Geo TV relations | PakistanTribeLAHORE – Pakistan’s well known journalist Najam Sethi has revealed something strange about Pakistan Army and country’s largest news channel Geo TV.

Pakistani analyst reveals the reasons behind Geo TV and Pak Army’s differences in his program televised on Friday.

During his current affair talk show, APAS KI BAAT, he said that the news channel’s tilt towards civilians during any civil military conflict is one of the four reasons list.

“Supporting judicial movement in Pakistan against former dictator General (R) Pervez Musharraf, initiative of AMAN KI ASHA (Hope for Peace), trade relations with India and projecting ongoing peace talks with militants in Pakistan are also among the reasons behind differences,” said Sethi, who is known for his close bonds with high-ups in Pakistan.

Najam Sethi has also said that Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) is the very strong and powerful institution within the country even foreign powers accept and endorse the strength of the spy agency.

“Due to its stronghold and non-accountable status the agency isn’t in the favour to become a target from any one as all accountability free organizations don’t like the situation.”

Pakistani journalist criticized the management of his own channel, Geo TV as he said that the management lost its balance in Hamid Mir case.

Geo TV ready to withdraw from its stance against Pakistan’s top spy agency ISI or not? Its yet not confirmed but the Pakistani Journalist has said that today (Friday) and Yesterday (Thursday) transmissions indicates that Geo News management is in mode to reconsider its previous stance.

Sethi also suggests to the channel that Geo management must keep themselves away from hardline.

While at the same time Pakistani journo advices Pakistan Military “Pak Army must accept the reality that they are no more a sacred cow.”


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