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New York – Walking out and want to reach your destination? So now you don’t need a Google map or any other smartphone app, your shoes can be your guide.

Yes U.S. based company invent such a amazing shoes, which can point you in the right direction by simply tickling your feet.

A new invention to come out of Massachusetts, which work as a digital location finders with the help of silicone insoles, which are placed in a pair of shoes, communicate with a smartphone’s Sat Nav and vibrate when a change of direction is needed.

That supershoes contain three vibrating motors, a receptive pad that recognizes touch, an on-board micro-controller and low power Bluetooth and battery.

They can be flexed and twisted and placed into any regular pair of shoes.

To use them, wearers first register with an online platform called ShoeCentral.

The smart technology then pairs up with a smartphone to act as tour guide, tickling the feet to provide directions and even suggesting new places which might be of interest.

The basic concept is relatively simple. If the left toe is tickled, the user should turn left. If the right is tickled, they turn right.

No tickle means keep on going while a repeated tickle is a sign you’ve reached your destination.


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