The New Design Of iPhone 7 Might Shun The Home Button 

The New Design Of iPhone 7 Might Shun The Home Button |

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]ALIFORNIA – The sweeping changes unveiled in the concept sketch of iPhone’s next smartphone are sure to stun you.

In the move to profoundly redesign the next version of the iPhone, designer Marek Weidlich has revealed that a software home button would flaunt the piece, making it a Top-to-Bottom screen handset.

The New Design Of iPhone 7 Might Shun The Home Button |

The Screen-Only iPhone 7

A curved display without a bezel, and the easy design language were crucial for iPhone 7, according to the designer.

Apple Won’t Cease To Surprise You

Supplemented with a plastic strip for a better grip, the rounded back body of Apple’s next would be made of Aluminium material. The strip would be easily reciprocated so as to enable customization by the user.

Top-to-Bottom Screen – First for Any Manufacturer

According to the tech site BGR, the concept sketch of Weidlich seems successful, only the speaker and front camera together seem unlikely.

The Thin Body

Meanwhile, analysts predict that the iPhone 7 might boast of improved battery life and a thinner model (probably 6mm). But the thin model would still be notably thicker than the thinnest Vivo’s X5 Max, which is only 4.7mm.

3D Touch Technology

Doing away with the home button, the phone will increase reliance on the 3D Touchscreen that was introduced by iPhone 6. Thereby, no Home button would also allow for a bigger screen on the usual size or a reduced size.

To Be Launched Around September 2016

Issues such as moving the Touch ID sensor to elsewhere on the phone will still have to be noticed. But from the overall look of it, we’re certainly looking forward.


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