Apple surrenders to Google and Samsung for ‘next big thing’?

iphone-6-with-big-sizeNEW YORK – Apple is likely to develop a bigger, brighter and sizable iPhone 6 this, a leaked photo from a New Jersey company shows.

As you could see in the picture above, a pink blanket iPhone 6, reported the next generation device from the Cupertino based firm.

The size seems to be around 4.7 inch at least, the photo shows.

The leak is credited to Australian leak-meister Sonny Dickson, who gave real images of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C last year in August.

As the pictures shows, when placed in a queue with Galaxy Note 3, iPhone 5S and Nexus 5, it is more similar to the Google’s product.

Though there are some features on the phone, which is usually used by Apple like connector, side design and others, but it will too early to confirm that Apple will be designing this as its next flagship device.

But if it is true, then Apple has decided to follow the path of Google, Samsung and other manufacturers who have already tapped the big-size craze allover the world.


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