Try these 7 simple things can make you attractive like executives and stars



New York – Everyone wants to look beautiful, and we can spend hours trying different things that may help us look more beautiful and attractive.

Nowadays some of beautifying practices are quite expensive and they are not available for everyone. However, there are lots of simple and affordable ways that we can use daily in order to have a fantastic look.

1. Green vegetables


We often think that we are using large amounts of green vegetables, while the reality is quite different. Green vegetables are very much beneficial to your health and should be part of your daily diet, if you want to cleanse your blood, digestive tract and even your skin.

These vegetables not only improve your health but also helps make you attractive.

2. More sleep


This fact is known to all that our sleep affects both physical and mental health. Plus, it is one of those factors that can alter the way we look; everything depends on how many hours we sleep during the night. Moreover, there is a big possibility you will suffer from overweight. If you don’t want to have dark circles around your eyes, you should sleep as minimum 7 hours per night.

3. Coconut oil


Coconut oil is a great way for face and body care. It can be a perfect substitute of cosmetics like anti-aging cream, face cleanser and hair conditioner. This oil is full of minerals and vitamins that can help you to avoid dry skin, wrinkles, cellulite and eczema.

4. Daily Exercise


Doing physical exercises is an excellent way to keep fit and have a good mood. Nothing can make you more beautiful than your toned body and a bright smile on your face. You don’t need to tire yourself in the gym every day, some simple exercises will be enough to get rid of depression, burn calories and stabilize your heart rate.

5. Use of Vitamins


Daily use of high doses of vitamins are the key of attractive personality. Keep in mind that natural foods like raspberries, blueberries, sweet potatoes, yellow, red and green veggies are an enormous source of vitamins and minerals that your body can get through your meals. Such healthy choice has numerous advantages including clear skin, a good physical shape and positive emotions.

6. Thanks


Without a doubt our life is very busy and we always have to cope with different problems. Despite this fact we shouldn’t forget to be grateful for everything we’ve got. Maybe you don’t even realize, but you enjoy lots of blessings that make you a happy person. When you are grateful for your success, you’ll have a charming smile and everybody will notice that.

7. Do not wash your hair daily


Hair is the greatest treasure of attractive personality, but often we do not know how that will look after them . In particular, washing hair daily could damage hairs while shampoos are specifically proved very harmful for the health of the hair.

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