Microsoft coming up with special device for price and tech savvies

Surface-Mini-from-MicrosoftEntering into another segment, Microsoft is reportedly planning launching Surface Mini Tablet.An Amazon affiliated retailer Vostrostone has uploaded some photos of a cover designed specifically for Microsoft Surface Mini tablet.

This could be the hard proof of software giant’s bid to tap a big segment, who couldn’t afford or don’t like big tablets like Surface and Surface Pro.

“Well built to protect your Microsoft Surface Mini tablet for the years to come,” the retailer added. It seems a bit amazing that how cover of a device is launched, which is yet to be launched.

Sufrace Mini, as per some reports, is likely to come with 7.5 to 8.5 inch screen. Another report from ZDNet reveals that it will come with a stylus.

Other thing, which is obvious is that Windows 8.1 will suit the mini tablet well, making it a comfort for price and tech savvies. Some other specs could be a less memory space, Intel processor or ARM processor from Qualcomm or Nvidia with 3G and 4G support.


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