Facebook, Skype, Gmail and others likely to face ban

Russian ban on Facebook, Skype and GmailRussia is all set to ban major social and networking sites if they fail to keep all data of its citizens within the country. 

The legislation in the Russian parliament has asked Facebook, Skype of Microsoft, Gmail of Google to keep all the within Russia.

Failing to do this, they all will be banned, the legislation warned.

The law will empower Russian authorities to restrict Western firms as there is no such law presently in the country to bar these firms to keep the data in Russia.

“The “Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information” amendment, part of the country’s anti-terrorism laws, would require Russian data to be stored within the country in order to be accessed by state security and intelligence services,” CNET has reported.

The same amendment will be apply on Russian social, email and messaging sites if they do not provide access to data up to six months.

The bill has already got three successful reading following its presentation in the lower house, The Russian Duma.

After the approval of President Vladimir Putin, the legislation will compel all tech firms to set up data centres inside the country giving an extra mile of control to Federal Security Service as well as other media and internet regulators.


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