12 Ways To Spend Time With Loved Ones Without Mobile Phones



New York – The fact that we have used too much of the mobile phone , various research reports noted, makes it clear that the majority of us may have ‘nomophobia’ or the fear of being mobile less.

Cell phone addictions can be just as real as other substance addictions. And students between ages 18 and 24 send an average of 109.5 text messages a day and check their phones an average of 60 times per day.

However, too much time spent on mobile phone, may cause stress, lack of sleep and other problems.

So, you want to unplug, but aren’t sure where to begin. We’ve rounded up 12 things to do without your cell.

1. Prepare a nice brunch for yourself


Cooking your breakfast is an experience, which will be great for you.

2. Write a note of gratitude for your friend


Make a list of all the reasons she or he earns the title of BFF, and writing it will remind you how lucky you are to have her, too.

3. Get Moving


Lace up your shoes and go out. Do not care about the destination, but you must leave your cell and spend some time walking with your thoughts.

4. A little nap


After a little nap you wake up with refresh mind and ready to tackle any problem.

5. Art Class


Remember when Art was your favorite subject in school? Relive that release of creativity.

6. Reading Book


Preferably one with pages that you turn, not tap.

7. Take a Bath

For now, light a candle and take a nice, long tech-free soak — you’ll emerge relaxed and peaceful.

8. Declutter


Pick a space in your home and get organized. Doing a bit of a home-cleanse will help you feel less chaotic on the inside.

9. Writing


Holding pen and start writing, you will be amazed that you have something in your mind.

10. Watching People


Pick a crowded part of town and observe: People are always up to curious things that you won’t notice unless your head’s up!

11. Play Board Game


Just because they recently swapped the iconic iron piece for a cat doesn’t mean your favorite classics aren’t worth a revisit.

12. Being a volunteer


Spend some time doing something good for someone else — you’ll reap the many benefits of altruism, and maybe even dig up a new hobby.

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