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New York – If you are a Facebook member and your online friend always block or unfriend your name in their list, then there are some reasons for that act.

But why do people do it? The answer comes out in two separate studies, one at the University of Colorado at Denver in the United States and one at the University of Birmingham in the UK.

Both studies reveal some of the reason that’s why people click unfriend button on Facebook, so here are the reasons.

Talking too much about religion or politics.

The No. 1 reason survey respondents gave for unfriending people on Facebook was that someone posted way too much about religion or politics and/or picked fights about those controversial topics.

Being a bad co-worker.

Although real-life pals might get unfriended for the way they behave on Facebook, with co-workers it’s exactly the opposite. Researchers said”We found that people often unfriend co-workers for their actions in the real world rather than anything they post on Facebook,”

Sharing too many photos.

Although it may seem fun to put those snapshots online, sharing photos can have the unintended side effect of upsetting your friends. According to David Houghton, who led the University of Birmingham’s study, “Our research found those who frequently post photographs on Facebook risk damaging real-life relationships.”

Talking about nothing and doing it too often.

After religious and political postings, the least like worthy thing you can do on Facebook is write frequent, uninteresting posts that clog up friends’ newsfeeds.

Not being up to date on the latest Facebook changes.

This one has nothing to do with you and everything to do with Facebook HQ. The website recently changed its settings so that users don’t necessarily see all of their friends’ latest posts anymore. This selective sharing can make it looks though people have unfriended you, even though they haven’t.

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