Believe it or not, but your hairs can be your BIGGEST asset



New York – Crazy for setting your hair style and spending couple of hours daily for this habit? If yes then there is good news for you that this process that gives you such a greater confidence.

May be it’s difficult to believe in this theory, but an U.S. research claims that.

Researchers at Stanford Graduate School of Business in California, found that having a good hair style can make you feel like you can take on the world.

Scientists believe that a blow dry may affect your mindset far more than previously thought.

In fact, seeing yourself as physically attractive can make you to believe you belong in a higher social class.

Study also showed that self-perceived physical beauty mattered more to people’s perception of their social status than qualities such as integrity and empathy.

Many people ‘see the social world as fundamentally stratified not only on the basis of who has wealth, education, and occupational prestige, but also on the basis of who is beautiful and attractive.’


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