Selena Gomez now all alone



New York – Famous teen singer and actress Selena Gomez seems not like anyone in her life and tries to ditch her old friendship once for all.

As per new report Selena Gomez had spent time in rehab to cleanse her system from abusive substances.

On Tuesday afternoon the 21-year-old pop star ‘unfollowed’ her former best friend, country rock singer Taylor Swift.

Hours later she then decided to ditch the 14 other people she followed on Twitter, including Reese Witherspoon, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson.

Gomez is now following zero people on the social media website.

Selena recently parted ways professionally with her mom and stepfather who served as managers. The experts say that the pop culture has been producing an addict generation, who is mercilessly revolves around ‘selves’ caring for nothing.

They say that such stars should not be ideals of the society, as they are only creating chaos in the society while giving ‘few minutes’ sensation to young generation.


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