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New York – The good life is not possible to imagine without happiness, and many times we try to be happy but got failed. It is not a difficult task, some unexpected things in your life give you more happiness then your imagine, here a few tips, which may be helpful to you.

1. Give to others instead of getting something for yourself

Studies show that the more people give away to other participants, the happier they are. They are happier still when given a sum and instructed to give it away to someone they care about.

2. When you do spend on yourself, choose experiences over stuff.

It might seem that buying something that you can touch might give you more enjoyment over time than a fleeting moment of pleasure. However, it turns out that the newness and excitement of purchases wear off. The longer you have had something, the more you devalue it. Meanwhile, an experience, especially one shared with friends or loved ones, is something that you can recall fondly forever.

3. Buy now enjoy later

Experiences, and even purchases, are even more enjoyable, if you delay your gratification. Studies show that the best part of a vacation can often be looking forward to it.

4. Should enjoy the game even if failure

We always try to win, but the important thing to compete with your friends or colleagues to enjoy the experience and the challenge is to shown better sporting skills. Play to beat your own best performance, and for the enjoyment of the game.

5. Looking for happiness in life opportunities

If you want to relax yourself then walk out and goes to a ice cream shop. Summoned except by going to the ice cream shop or enjoy your favorite ice cream, this experience will be memorable .

6. Do something that feels uncomfortable.

If you go out jogging you realize at first that running is painful, but when it becomes a habit a hormone endorphins releases, which makes the mind a sense of fun. Experiencing a little risk can also increase your enjoyment of an activity, which is why roller coasters and fast cars are so popular.


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