‘Military dolphins’ from the U.S. and Russia could clash in the Black Sea

'Military dolphins' from the US and Russia could clash in the Black Sea | PakistanTribeWASHINGTON – Specially-trained ‘military dolphins’  from the United States and Russian navies could clash with each other for the first time as tensions in Ukraine escalate.

Mammals trained by the U.S. could be deployed this summer as part of NATO exercises in the Black Sea.

Russia recently got its hands on the Ukrainian navy’s warfare dolphins after Vladimir Putin’s controversial annexation of Crimea.

This has led to the Black Sea becoming a tense focal point for Russian and Western navies.

Russian newspaper Izvestia, which first published the claims, said: “It may so happen that American and Russian military dolphins will meet in the open sea for the first time.

“It is known that such dolphins are trained only in Russia and the USA.”

Training dolphins to spy on enemy vessels was started by America and the USSR during the Cold War.

As reported by Mail Online, Tom LaPuzza,  spokesman for the US Navy’s marine mammals programme, was recently quoted in a report stating that the American dolphins would test a new anti-radar in the Black Sea .

It is believed it would disorientate enemy sonars while sea lions look for mines and naval divers.

America is thought to have trained dolphins and sea lions to help locate and identify intruders swimming in areas that are restricted.

The US Navy has a fleet of at least 75 mine hunting dophins and deployed six in the Persian Gulf between 1986 and 1988.

Russian bottlenose dolphins have been trained to attack enemy divers, hunt for mines and plant bombs.


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