Robots to rule over Humans



New York – Can you imagine that one day cabs will be driven by Google robots and call centers will be staffed by intelligent smart phones?

This horrible scenario is becoming a reality in the near future soon.

Yes, this warning comes in a new U.S. research that within the next 30 years, machines will take over human life and man made robots will compete with his developer in jobs.

According to research by a company called X- Pets Jobs,  competition for work will rise due to rise in the robots population while humans could go  for some ‘bionic type of mind processor.’

We may also be requesting bionic implants for our hands that will make us able to perform tasks as fast as any machine.

The study added that insecurity would  increase jobs timing at least one-third.

According to research, in 2040 human eye sight become poor , and the struggle for survival will require and spend more time in the office, which will weaken relationship with the family .

Interestingly, this study reported that we would work several ‘micro jobs’ from a desk in our bedroom, and across different time zones.

Researchers say People will be surprised how fast things will change.

‘Technology and computers have only really touched the work market so far and the globalization of all work will revolutionize the way we think of work in the next 25 years.

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