Politician tells aides to RAPE pregnant journalist when she asks him a question

Politician tells aides to RAPE pregnant journalist when she asks him a question | PakistanTribeHorrific moment shocked everyone when Liberal Democratic party leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky pushed two aides towards Stella Dubovitskaya telling them to “rape the woman hard.”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is seen ranting at Stella Dubovitskaya who needed to be treated in hospital for shock afterwards, telling her she should stay at home instead of going to work.

The reporter for state-funded Russia Today asked a question, leading the far right Liberal Democratic Party founder to shout the obscenities.

At one point he pushes two male aides towards her shouting: “When I say, you run to her and rape the woman hard” and “Go and kiss her. Grab her.”

Other journalists react to his diatribe with one telling him she is pregnant.

Interfax reporter Yulia Chuchalova tells Zhirinovsky: “This is derogatory, humiliating – what are you doing here?”

He fired back: “What are you doing intervening here, you lesbian?

“This is no place for you if you’re pregnant. We need healthy people. Pregnant women should not go to work. Sit at home and look after your child, got that?”

He also shouted: “Christ is risen! Truly he is risen!”, according to RT.com.

As a result of his behaviour, he could lose the right to speak in the State Duma for up to a month and speaker Sergey Naryshkin apologised to the reporters for Zhirinovsky’s behaviour.

Zhirinovsky also apologised later on Russian TV and offered to pay any of Dubovitskaya’s medical bills.


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