Skype On TV features opens big and quality video options for users

skype-on-tvNEW YORK – Have you experienced the new Skype on TV, a delighting and amazing way to get connected with your loved ones.

According to Skype, the service on TV is developed to enable all the family member to enjoy quality calling while all members sitting along.

Making it possible for users to share specials moments of life with friends and family, The Skype on TV also gives a wide-angle and HD view while avoiding circling the computer or laptop to see the people on the other side.

To bring the Skype to your living room, you need three things with you:

1. A Skype-ready smart TV is the key with a TV camera, it may be built-in and compatible camera with the TV.

2. A broadband connection to ensure HD quality video and voice calls with your family and friends.

3. Skype account

With these three things, Skype is in your living room now, but also make sure that this doesn’t disturb you interpersonal relations.


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