5-step workout for great power and belly fat burning

Turbulence-training-workoutFat burning and gaining muscle build are not so simple and yet not so difficult too. 

A good lifestyle including regular workouts, proper nutritious food, good habits and continuous efforts are just a few things to follow for this.

Here is great workout from Craig Ballentyne, a leading fitness trainer, featured regularly on PT. This 10-minute workout will not only strengthen your body, but also burn and melt belly fat. The Hips and Pushupw Workout will be carried out like this

Things to do

1. One warm-up is to do with each exercise for 12 seconds

2. Now do three rounds while doing each exercise for 30 seconds

3. Take rest 30 seconds at the circuit’s end

4. Withing 10 minutes you’ll be moving like you were 20 years younger

No if you’re a beginner, then it should be enough, but if at intermediate stage, you can opt for another 10 minutes round. And in case you are at advanced level, these two rounds will be act as warm-up for your routine workout.

1) Total Body Extensions
2) SCREACH (alternating sides)
3) Prisoner Squats
4) Spiderman Pushups (alternating sides)
5) Prisoner Forward Lunges (alternating sides)

The routine will reduces your hip and make you feel young by building pushup strength and melting belly fat.

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