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New York – Smile on someone’s face easily wins hearts of other peoples, but you know the cheerful face impression not only refresh your mood, but it also has several advantages.

This free, easy and always available tool is so important, here are some benefits.

1. You will begin to feel better physically and emotionally

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Smiling, even when you aren’t feeling happy, but it still brings pleasant change in your mood. Smile changed our emotional state, and smiling can alter our stress response by slowing down the heart rate and decreasing perceived levels of stress regardless of whether the person actually feels happy or not. So this power is in your own hands, smile to improve your way to better mood.

2. It may helps live longer

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Smile increases your age, a U.S. study noted the average age of people smile is much closer to 80 years, two years longer than the average lifespan in the United States. Smiling and laughing improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease becomes .

3. Also useful to see other people smile

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It is noted that in a study that seeing someone’s smile stimulated the heart and brain more so than eating chocolate, having sex, or receiving money. This was particularly true when viewing the smile of a child. Additionally, research has demonstrated smiling may actually be contagious. Research published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology found that it is actually hard to frown when someone else is smiling.

4. It builds relationships

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Those persons who love to smile and laugh, have successful marriages. The larger the smile, the less likely divorce was later in life. Conversely, those with the smallest smiles or no smiles, were five times more likely to be divorced. So what does the smile have to do with marriage? People who smile more tend to be more optimistic, joyful and emotionally stable which lends itself to healthier relationships.

5. Give a Boost to How Others Perceive You

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People who smile more, are generally perceived to be more trustworthy, sincere, sociable and competent than their frowning peers.

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