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London – Everyone knows many person believe that science is superior universal power even God, and that type of people think religion is nothing but just a identity for our society, a thinking strongly rejected by majority of intellectuals.

So now a new religion comes into the technology lovers mind, which philosophy is “Why can’t God and science exist concurrently? And why shouldn’t we remain religious while embracing the ways technology is altering our life pattern?”

These are some of the fundamentals thinking behind the Terasem Faith, a new-age religion that has been developed to allow people to continue following their traditional denomination while endorsing the advancement of science and technology.

According to a TIME magazine feature, that faith’s followers Terasem’s followers are dedicated to studying and raising awareness about what they call ‘personal cyber consciousness’ or the creation of mindfiles.

The Rothblatt family that created and run the Terasem Faith keep a robot named BINA48 – a robot in 2014 can function using the mindfiles system.

Terasem subscribers believe you can assemble a digital copy of yourself that would be available for future use, or simply they think we have a computer type soul which can store in robots or our souls can live hundred of years without our human bodies or carriers.

It starts with writing down or recording a video of a thought, memory or feeling and uploading it to a website, with more than 32,000 people so far creating free mindfile accounts.

The mindfiles are stored on servers located in the two Terasem headquarters in Vermont and Florida, and by using Terasem’s services you accept their promise that they will protect those files for the long-term future, making it possible for some not-yet-invented software to organize those files and upload them into an artificial body 500 years from now.

‘A lot of people have problems digesting the idea,’ says Gabriel Rothblatt, a pastor at Terasim and son of the creators, Bina and Martine Rothblatt.

A new religion has set out to store memories for centuries and deliver its believers into a world where our souls can outlive their human carriers.

It is considered a ‘trans religion’, meaning followers do not have to give up being Christian, Jewish or Muslim, for example, to join.

While Terasem is not short of skeptics, religious pundits say the ideology is befitting of today’s world.

More and more Americans are admitting to no longer being ‘religous’, however maintaining they are ‘spiritual’.

Additionally, companies like Google and PayPal are investing millions of dollars into technology that could potentially alter the end of life.

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