Meet the ‘Sweetheart Scammer’: Woman cozies up to elderly married man

Meet the 'Sweetheart Scammer': Woman cozies up to elderly married man | PakistanTribe.comNEW YORK – Meet the ‘Sweetheart Scammer’ a woman cozies up to elderly married man and cons him into giving her luxury car, $13K Rolex and a Florida Keys getaway.

Michelle Nicholas, 46, allegedly cozied up to 82-year-old John Deam — who the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said easily falls into a confused state — so the man could take her for an extravagent trip to the Florida Keys on March 24.

She allegedly conned the man out of a new Rolex and a new Lexus before she was caught.

 Deam, who is married, showered Nicholas with pricey gifts, including a $13,000 Rolex, during their getaway, authorities said.

Soon after they returned, Deam coughed up $25,877 to buy the woman a 2006 Lexus, authorities said.

Police arrested Nicholas a short time later, after she tried to open a line of credit under Deam’s name that listed her as an additional cardholder.

Nicholas was booked on charges that included grand theft and exploitation of the elderly. She was ordered held in lieu of $30,000 bond.


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