Want a attractive smile? Then here is made in China style



Beijing – Want a attractive smile? Then use a made in China trick and you will become master of this facial expression.

At least China’s communist party officials believe that.

That’s why Chinese teenagers and young people are being urged to practice smiling more by employing the traditional method of biting on a chopstick.

Communist party officials believe the country needs smiling faces, especially for foreigners, as it opens up more and more to tourists.

Service with a smile: The customer service drive is being backed up with compulsory sessions of learning the ancient art of chopstick biting

Placing the chopstick between the teeth and clamping down hard exercises the facial muscles needed to smile, say officials in a new pamphlet being distributed to those in tourism jobs.

Among the latest recruits to learn about the traditional technique are the volunteers of Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, seen here practicing their smiles.


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