Believe it or not, but now smartphone never get stolen again



New York – Countries like Pakistan, where mobile phone snatching is common and almost every 5 in 10 persons have this experience once, imaging a world where you can be assured that your phone will never get stolen.

Or at least the thief will never be able to use the smartphone again. That’s exactly what the Wireless Association has been urging the smartphone makers to ensure.

So all leading mobile phone companies and CTIA – the Wireless Association in the United States have announced a commitment to incorporate anti theft features in all new smartphones manufactured after July 2015.

They announced the anti-theft tool will either come preloaded or could be downloadable on to the smartphones and will be able to remote wipe the authorized user’s data in the event it is lost or stolen.

According to estimates, devices valued at more than $7 million are lost almost every day globally.

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