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New York – Forget expensive anti aging creams as only regular exercise can help to prevent the effects of aging.

This landmark discovery emerges in a new Canadian medical research.

Researcher at MacMaster University in Ontario found that if people start exercising in later age, they can get younger-looking skin.

According to lead researcher Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, we do not want to exaggerate, but this is fact that many feel amazing.

In successful experiments on mice, the research team went on to study a group of 29 male and female volunteers between the ages of 20 and 84.

Half the participants were instructed to take part in at least three hours of moderate to vigorous physical activity every week, while the other half remained mostly sedentary.

After some time researcher stunned to see that physically active groups have visibly younger looking skin.

Dr. Mark said “the difference comes because of exercise and it ‘s amazing to know that how our bodies are changed.”

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