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New York – Every day comes in your life with a chance to get rid of the negative version of the world.

Although it’s quite difficult to stay positive, when we are facing failures and the harsh realities of life, but it is not impossible.

Following these 7 principles are vital to get rid of negative thoughts and turning yourself into a magnetic personality.

1. Distance from people who spread negative thinking

There is no shortage of such people in the world who thought and have theory that the world is negative. They also transfer their negatives thoughts to others too, which makes even successful people unhappy. The first step is to remove this type of people from your life, but it should be tried in a friendly manner .

2. Do not try to take overall control of everything

Nowadays many people tend to reach perfection, at least in certain things that they cannot control. It even happens that we are temporarily unable to reach our life goals and feel despondent and overfilled with fear.

Enjoy the moments of life and other wonderful and magical things around you. Your fear and anxiety don’t influence the result of an action but make you suffer from these emotions.

3. Exercise

It’s no secret that sports and active lifestyle is the best for the health of our brain and body. When you are engaged in some kind of exercise, your body produces endorphins that makes you feel relaxed and happy. It is also proven that physical activity can reduce the burden of negative thoughts from the mind.

4. Pray or Worship

Prayer is a way to activate your inner healing system. You calm your spirit down, becoming emotionally stable and physically strong. Moreover, it can help you perceive yourself better and become wiser. This process gives you rid of negative thoughts and makes you mentally strong.

5. Learn to forgive

Revenge a powerful emotion that fulfills us with negative energy. We know that a sense of pride does not allow us to forgive others and even ourselves. If such behavior becomes a habit then it’s impossible to get rid of negative emotions. Learning to forgive can make you mentally rich.

6. Be a positive light

Seeing the world with positive outlook shines your personality. Always stay positive, and use your skills to help other people, which make your life much better in very little time.

7. Stop comparing yourself  to others

The last principle of avoidance of negative thoughts is not to compare yourself with other people. As we know, tastes differ, so someone can find us not smart enough while others think we are not good and pretty enough. We are unique and we should know that we are deeply loved. Stop comparing yourself to others and always stay confident.

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