Warid leads against other telecoms by ‘This Another First Initiative’

warid service to let unknown calls attend your callISLAMABAD – Considered as a small company as compared to other telecoms of the country, Warid, however, has led in may ways including ‘industry first’ services to the consumers.

The latest is ‘Intro Me’ service by Warid seems to be an innovative service, and valuable in some cases for those who have to make calls usually to unknown numbers.

Usually, people do not answer calls from unfamiliar or unknown numbers as they find attending these calls unimportant or a waste of time.

“Intro Me gives caller the facility to send a quick introduction to the receiver by making an introduction message appear on receivers mobile while the phone rings,” Warid says.

All you have to do is to customize a message and make a call to people, who do not have your number and have been avoiding picking up on suspcion of ‘miscreant calling.’

The service will make an Intro message to the receiver, who will then know who is calling.

Further details could be found here at Warid page.

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