Contact Lenses maybe causing blindness



London – Contact lenses are now commonly used around the world and considered as a good alternate of reading glasses, but now a warning issued for lens lover that a bug that can cause blindness has been found to be resistant to a common contact lens cleaner.

That claim came to an new U.K. research.

Researchers at University of Liverpool and The Royal Liverpool University noted that a bug that could cause blindness was resistant to a common contact lens cleaner.

Researchers found a bacterial strain associated with more severe infections survived longer in a common contact lens solution than previously thought.

Researchers said that bug could survive even after commonly used contact lens cleaning solution.

The study found the majority of bugs were killed within 10 minutes of being immersed in the contact lens solution.

However, one bug P. aeruginosa strain 39016, was able to survive for more than four hours.

The bug resistance means contact lens wearers are at risk of an infection which causes inflammation and ulceration of the cornea.

The best ways to avoid contact lens-related infections is to maintain good hygiene and to avoid wearing them at night.


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