India plans wall ‘higher and wider than Berlin Wall’ on Kashmir border

India plans wall ‘higher and wider than Berlin Wall’ on Kashmir border | PakistanTribeNEW DELHI – Indian authorities are planning to construct a 10-metre high embankment along the 198-km stretch of Working Boundary that separates Pakistan and occupied Kashmir.


The security wall will be higher and wider than both the Berlin Wall and the serpentine barrier that Tel Aviv is creating.

It will be 135 feet wide and pass through 118 villages in the districts of Jammu (72), Kathua (17) and Samba (29), an Indian newspaper Economic Times reported on Saturday.

Although there is no official estimate yet on the total cost, the Indian home ministry will fund the project, which will be handled by the Border Security Force.

The reported further revealed that instead of brick and mortar that went into the making of the walls in Berlin and Israel, the proposed embankment will use earth excavations to create a parallel trench, making movement almost impossible.

Yet, not everyone is convinced that the wall will fulfill its purpose and keep intruders out. “We have to be alive to what s happening. The wall will not deter those attempting intrusion from across the border. We have to reciprocate strongly whenever our troops are attacked,” said deputy National Security Adviser Satish Chandra.

Work has begun on the security wall. Revenue papers for designated land in 86 villages have been processed for a formal no-objection certificate (NoC) from the state government and a joint demarcation for land falling in 44 villages is likely to start shortly. Once the land is demarcated, BSF will pay the compensation and take it over, the reported stated.

There are 12-feet high twin fences running parallel to each other with an eight-foot gap in the middle filled with coils of razor-sharp concertina wire. Besides, there are thermal imagers to make the fence almost impregnable.

Most of the fencing was completed after the ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan in 2003.

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