PTA to earn minimum $ 1,390 million from controversial 3G, 4G auction


ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has now officially announced that only four out of total five existing telecommunication companies expressed bids to purchase next-generation band width for their customers at the minimum cost of $ 295 million for 3G and $ 210 million for 4G which would at least make a sum total of 1,390 million.

PTA confirmed on Thursday that its minimum licence fee for a 3G spectrum was $ 295 million and $ 210 million for 4G.

The authority also confirmed that only four out of five existing TelCos submitted the bids for auctions. Moreover, no international or new TelCo showed interest in taking 3G or 4G license. Only one TelCo showed interest in purchasing 4G spectrum.

PTA would likely to make minimum of $ 1,390 million from the controversial auction scheduled on April 23, 2014.

Yesterday, PakistanTribe reported that NayaTel Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Wahaj Siraj lashed the government for being greedy and for being only interested in gathering one-time hard cash from the auctions.

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