World’s weirdest wedding practices

Just married couple, holding hands and walking in nature


New York – Wedding ceremonies are so interesting, but can you spit on bride face or force her to weeping? Yes this is the world’s one of the strange rituals of the wedding ceremonies.

Such interesting and amazing wedding rituals have been revealed in a list.

Like in China, most weddings are happy occasions, but the Tujia people in Sichuan, cry in advance of a wedding.

The bride cries for an hour a day one whole month before she is due to wed and is later joined by her mother and grandmother in her weeping. In Romania, the kidnapped bride is married .


In India at a certain astrological time, ‘Maglik’ women have to marry a banana or Peepal tree. While in Mauritania, obesity is traditionally regarded as desirable for brides.

In Mongolia groom and bride together have to kill a chick for setting the wedding date .

In Kenya groom has to spit on the bride face, while in Scotland bride face turned blackened.

In South Korea groom feet is rubbed with fish for good luck.


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