Tarang new TVC: Result is different than expectation

Tarang new TVC: Result is different than expectation | PakistanTribe.comISLAMABAD – Tarang, the market leader in Tea whitening category facing interesting situation after the release of its new television commercial, PakistanTribe.com reported.

Tarang New Television Commercial by Lowe Lintas India | PakistanTribe.comAccording to the details, Tarang’s new TVC developed by the Lowe Lintas India got completely negative response from the early movers, of course we are talking about the advertising industry of Pakistan.

Ali Zafar in Tarang's New TVC by Lowe Lintas India | PakistanTribe.comDigital Media especially different communication hubs on social networking sites are busy in carpet-bombing (not in real).

Ali Zafar inclusion in the TVC, tea time in afternoon, tea on roof during summer days (daytime), dresses choice, single minded communication, fail to resonate are the few point/questions raised by industry people.

Tarang Chai ka Sahi Joar TVC | PakistanTribe.comEngro Foods has moved Tarang, the market leader in the tea whitener category with 60% market share from Adcom to Lowe Lintas India back in 2013.

Below are the few comments to understand the situation and of course to avoid the NARAZGI of a potential advertiser.


Women Response on Tarang's new TVC by Lowe Lintas India | PakistanTribe.com



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