‘Smart Phone Industry Is Going To Be Revolutionize….’


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Google very recently announces regarding its huge project named “Project Ara” the platform which includes an structural frame that holds smartphone modules of the owner’s choice.

Wow,Its really Amazing and shocking to have an Smart Phone of your own choice.Yes,Isn’t it ?

And Google Project Ara Wants to revolutionize the smart Phone industry,but you will have to wait an year for it !

Using a specific developers conference for the hardware format to update you on its plans for self-assembling your dream phones out of various components, Google Ara Phone will go on sale January 2015.

You don’t need to be too much surprised as Google describes that Ara phones are built using modules inserted into metal endoskeletal frames known as “endos”. The frame will be the only component in an Ara phone made by Google. It acts as the switch to the on-device network linking all the modules together. There will be two frame sizes available at first: “mini”, a frame about the size of a Nokia 3310 and “medium”, about the size of a LG Nexus 5.In the future, a “large” frame about the size of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be available.

It’s not going to be easy for Google, but the journey will be fascinating to watch.You must start dreaming your desired featured Smart Phone.

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