6 Steps In Few Minutes to Switch Your Number to Ufone

ufone number switchingISLAMABAD – Ufone, Pakistan one of the largest cellular network, has introduced a 6-step formula for consumers on other networks to switch to it.

Ufone has already been working by adding tools and channels to make it easy for customers to switch to it, and the best tool is its Ads, which incite consumers in a witty way to become its part.

Although, telecom companies have always some hidden things, whether its packages ot services, the new addition in the process is Port-in procedure via using your laptop or PC make it quite easy for customers to switch to the network.

1. Enter your current number

2. To enter your full name

3. Enter your other contact number, so in any emergency it could be contacted

4. Write MNP in message and send to 667. You will receive following information as a reply: Mobile Number, Name, CNIC & SIM Number.

5. Forward the above SMS to 76333 to complete your MNP request process.

6. Finally enter your Port In key, you have received.

Now you are a Ufone customer.


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