8 Things To Do When Facing Slow Browsing on PTCL Evo Wingle and Evo 3.Mbps

evo and evo wingle tips for slow browsing issueKARACHI – Being the largest internet service provider of the country, complains of slow browsing on Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Evo devices are common.

Following are some steps you should adopt before calling to 1236 Support Service or lodging complain, if you face slow browsing on these devices.

Steps are as follow:

1. Check mode (should be EVDO)
2. Check signal strength (should be more than 2 signals)
3. If signals strength fine then 
        a. Please check torrent, proxy (should be disabled).
        b. Check Antivirus (should be disabled).
        c. Check speed from speedtest.ptcl.net and verify speed.
       d. If getting <= 2 signals than
1) Check signal strength by changing location

Still not solved, then you could go for lodging complain or visiting nearest PTCL customer care centre.

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