5 Smart Reasons To Eat Eggs



New York – Eggs are beautiful , but you can use them to make yourself beautiful both the inside of our body, like our hearts, as well as the outside of our body, like our hair.

Here are the 5 reasons that you can find out why egg is the best diet for us .

Eggs help to make beautiful babies

Eggs should be an integral part of the diet of pregnant women as they are full of Choline, a B vitamin, which would cater children ‘s mental development besides protecting children from mental disorders like Down syndrome and dementia.

Eggs can help curb your evening snack cravings.

Eating a high protein breakfast helps ward off cravings later on the day, according to the 2013 study. Eating eggs is advantageous in this regard , reducing cravings evening snacks , and also reduces body weight .

Eggs improve your ability to respond

A 2014 study found that Tyrosine, an amino acids found in eggs, help individuals making quick response in difficult situations.

Eggs may help to lower cancer risk

Antioxidants in eggs helpful to reduce cancer and heart disease risk, according to the 2011 medical research, although after cooking eggs Antioxidants amount cut by half, but the remaining amount helpful against that Killer diseases.

Eggs may help to lower blood pressure

High protein in eggs reduces blood pressure risk, which also reduces the risk of heart disease.

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