PS4 and The Last Of US Remastered A Killer Combination?

ps4-and-the-last-of-usWASHINGTON – The Last of Us Remastered has renewed a new discussion between the fans and opponents of the game, coming to Sony PS4 this year.

Some sources are sure, as reported earlier, that The Last of Us (TLOU) Remastered will boost Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) sales.

The opponents, however, believe that neither TLOU had made any impact on PS3 sales nor it would be on PS4 sales.

“Charging $60 for a game, released earlier, is nothing but to fill the vacant gaming space,” they said.

“Remastered games will never be huge system seller, it may move some consoles but that’s it.”

On the other hand, fans of PS4 and TLOU bundle believe that the combination will work.

According to a fan, the same people that are downplaying this are the same people that either

A. Want this game to fail on PS4
B. Haven’t played this game and never will
C. Want the PS4 to fail

“Just face the fact that this game succeeded on PS3 and this is convincing former 360 gamers to get on PS4. They know where the great games are,” he further said.

What’s your say?


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